Reviewing Oster VS Andis Clippers

While combing through the many reviews concerning Oster vs Andis clippers I have discovered that there are quite a few consumers that are actually groomers that take their Clippers very seriously. A few other very interesting tidbits of information was also revealed that I had not taken into consideration before.

During my review of Oster vs Andis clippers there were a few people that were concerned about the strength of the Clippers and how hard they are on older hands. Looking back over the years while thinking about this, I realized that there are a large number of older people that make a living clipping doggies from day-to-day.

Tender loving maintenance will help a clipping unit lasts for many years. It appears that a number of people in the business consider Andis to be more durable and manageable. Others claim that Oster requires cleaning and applying oil more often in addition to frequent pampering of this piece of equipment. For some people pampering their work tool may not be an issue, but as far as I am concerned, the less pampering I need to do, the more work I can take care of.

Assorted blades are most definitely a requirement and should be available with the purchase of a set of clippers. The Oster appears to be superior over Andis when it comes to blade flexibility because a number of them can be used to provide services on different breeds.

Another interesting morsel of information that I paid close attention to is how much heat each unit will produce during my day to day grooming sessions. There are times when the work load for the day becomes overwhelming, but needs to be accomplished. Andis clipper appears to out rank Oster hands down in the area of heat competition.