Introduction To Cat Nail Clippers

It is completely true that owning a cat as a pet is one of the most adorable decision, they are really cute and adorable. However, there are a lot of problems attached to them like big sharp nails. You must be wondering that how come they can be a problem seeker.

Well good to know stuff as being a cat owner is – long nails can cause troubles in the overall health of the cat and especially when it’s indoor. Secondly, a lot of scratches can be seen in the property. In order to overcome this problems best cat nail clippers have been introduced in the market. With the use of it cutting down the cat nails is just a cake walk.

When and how to trim?

Once you have understood the importance of the cat nail clippers, the question striking in your mind would be that when and how to trim. According to a study, the cat’s nails grow completely back within the time period of 14 to 15 days. Therefore a person should be cutting the nails after every 2 weeks. When it comes about how to trim, there are several methods on the internet, go through all of them and choose the one which seems easy to you.

Most common method

There are several methods, however, the most common and working one is as follow – make your cat laid on the lap of yours with some food. Take the kitty paw in your hand gently and then observe the reactions of your cat. In case the cat is calm enough then take a step forward to cut the nails. In case you will forcefully try to cut the nails, the situations can turn to be worse as cat would be trying to get off your lap.