Types of Web Hosting Services

When shopping for web hosting service, it is important for you to know the primary options available for you. Depending on the kind of website or the business you do, you will need to consider your priorities and requirements carefully before you choose. Canada web hosting services offer the major web hosting including dedicated web hosting, shared and cloud servers.

Shared Web Hosting

These servers offer shared web hosting. Shared hosting involves sharing servers, applications, software and tools with other websites. It is cheap, flexible and is excellent for small businesses who don’t require too much power to run their site. It is however not suitable for sites with massive traffic.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Most people start with shared web hosting. Time passes, and they begin to get huge traffic and would need more power, better performance, so they switch to dedicated hosting. Dedicated Canada web hosting services provide better security, greater performance and handles all the traffic you can ever receive. Dedicated web hosting also offers unique IP address that will point only to your website.

Cloud Servers

While it is new and considered to be expensive, cloud web hosting offers new technology that is no available in other types of hosting. It makes use of multiple servers to store information, giving you better performance and security. If you have lots of traffic, cloud servers will draw power from other servers to meet the demand. When the traffic goes down, it reduces power and becomes normal. Cloud servers can be customised to bill you based on what you use.

There many other types of Canada web hosting services like reseller hosting, virtual private server, self-service web hosting, managed WordPress hosting, etc. The web hosting you choose should be determined by your needs and budget. Your business deserves to grow, and your web hosting should help you achieve that goal.