What are the features of So Clean CPAP?

There are many products available in market that can help in cleaning the mask and hose of CPAP machine. Well, this is essential too because it can be the home of bacteria, viruses and other diseases that can be harmful. If one takes CPAP therapy everyday and cleaning it on often basis then he/she should purchase So Clean CPAP that is used by so many people. There are so many features of using it and the main ones are to clean and kill the viruses or bacteria.

Know The Features

There are many features offered by So Clean CPAP and we are listing some of the best ones that can matter to you.

  • There is no need to remove the mask from hose. The same goes for Reservoir. Just put the whole thing in the black box and close the lid to get started.
  • The effectiveness of So Clean CPAP is 99.9% that means chances of felling ill reduces many times.
  • There is no need to use any kind of chemical or water to clean the hose or other equipments. It sends the activated oxygen and kill all the viruses.
  • So clean CPAP is called as the versatile machine because it is able to clean CPAP, VPAP, BPAP and Bi-PAP.
  • The automatic safety shut off helps in staying tension free and leaving the machine turned on because it will automatically turn off the oxygen.
  • The front display is helpful in knowing the status that is it clean or not. You can know the remaining time in proper clean up.

These are all the features that can defiantly helpful you knowing the importance of machine. You can purchase it now and it will be delivered right next to your home’s doorsteps.