Tips To Enhance Life Of Katana

Katana is one of the ancient swords which were introduced by the Japanese back in time. Even katana is a Japanese word which represents long sword. History of the sword is something like this – Japanese were looking forward to get a sword which is superior to any other. They tried to give a curve to the blade of the sword and found it more durable and better. This alteration to the old sword led to the new sword, now known as katana. Any single person can buy one for themselves from KatanaSale platform at reasonable rates.

How to take proper care of it?

These type of swords are little expensive, therefore it is very important to keep proper care of it. Here are few tips which cap helps the person to keep their sword in top notch condition.

  • Make sure that katana should perfectly get fit into the sheath as a tight fit can cause damage at the time of unsheathing.
  • Every time you want to get sword out, hold the sheath firmly with one hand and use other to push the guard away from it.
  • Owner should clean the sword timely and make sure to use the cotton cloth for cleaning in addition to sword oil, powder ball and rice paper.
  • If the katana was cleaned with the oil, get the rice paper and wipe it on sword from up to down.
  • The blade of katana should be dusted with the powder ball.


These are few of the things that every katana owner should be keeping in their mind for maintaining the sword in top notch condition. Even all the samurai use these techniques to keep proper care of their sword and use it for long period of time.