Increasing Popularity of Reborn Silicone Babies

You have seen newborn babies but you may not have seen reborn babies, right? There are many who become confused when they hear the term This website. But if you take a closer look, you can get the real meaning of this phrase. Reborn silicone babies are baby dolls that are human infant look alike. They are not like other dolls being sold in the market. They are more realistic and resemble a human infant much more closely.


If you get a chance to see a reborn silicone baby in a show window of a shop, you might get a shock of your life. What the hell a human baby is doing inside the display glass window of a shop, you might think. But if you pause for a moment and look closely, it is not a real human baby but actually a doll made of silicone that has been created by an artist. These artists are called reborners and the process of creating reborn silicone babies is called reborning.


Reborn dolls were first introduced in the markets in early 1990s. Since then, there popularity has increased manifold. These dolls do not come cheap as they can be priced at more than a hundred dollars apiece. Most people buy it for keeping it as a collectible while there are also some who buy a reborn silicone baby to compensate for the loss of their own infant. These customers play with these silicone dolls as if they were real babies.


Reborn dolls are mostly sold on internet. You can also find them in trade shows and exhibitions where curious visitors make a queue to just see them from close quarters. Many customers ask for customized features in their reborn doll. Artists can make changes in shape and size and also features depending upon the liking of the customer.